Secured IT Infrastructure for projects of any scale


Secured IT Infrastructure for projects of any scale

Buy a virtual server for any task

Save time while managing your computing environment

Free backups 2 times a month

We will ensure information recovery in the event of a failure. Regular full backups are included in the plan.

Deployment in 1 minute

Start using the product immediately after payment without worrying about setup.

Fast NVMe drives

We do not divide services into Standard and Premium levels. Each virtual server is equipped with SSD drives supporting the latest protocol for high speed.

More capacity

Dedicated servers

  • HP, Cisco, and Dell equipment

  • Unlimited traffic

  • 1 Gbps upgradable channel

Virtual server — you will like it

Flexible scaling

Your resources increase as you work on your project. Independently change your plan in one click, whenever it is convenient for you.

Plans without overpayments

You only pay for what you use and when you use it. The subscription fee is debited hourly or monthly.

Backup +

Activate the Backup Pro service and set your own flexible backup schedule.

Global VLAN

All our data centers use VLAN technology at speeds up to 40 Gbps. Build your own private infrastructure regardless of the number and location of servers.

What is a virtual server?

A Virtual Dedicated Server or Virtual Private Server (VDS/VPS) is the golden mean between independence and price. The combination of two factors makes VPS rental one of the most popular services out there. And functionally, a virtual server is no different from a physical one. When configuring the parameters, you can choose the processing power, the amount of RAM and disk space, and install your operating system and software. The deployment takes just a few minutes, and the new owner receives administrator rights to work with the virtual machine just like with a regular PC. The server is located on a remote platform run by the hosting provider, protected from failures and set up to work 24/7 all year round. VPS is a one-stop solution for medium- and high-load projects. On such a platform, you can host a single large online store, several smaller websites, or corporate resources.