Secured IT Infrastructure for projects of any scale


Secured IT Infrastructure for projects of any scale

Professional server configuration and management


We will configure and manage the server for you

Professional support
and advice are included in the paid package

  • One-time

    14.04 $

    1 hour of work
    1 request*

  • Minimum

    42.4 $

    5 hours of work
    up to 5 requests*

  • Optimal

    70.76 $

    15 hours of work
    up to 15 requests*

  • Unlimited

    212.57 $

    number of requests

Included in each package

Экономим ваши ресурсы, чтобы вы полностью сфокусировались на развитии проекта

  • Server setup;
  • Installing and configuring the core software on the server;
  • Configuring the operating system (Linux, FreeBSD, Windows) for maximum performance; optimizing the operation of services;
  • Setting up and optimizing MySQL server;
  • Installation of specific software for certain tasks; updating and reconfiguring software; updating the installed software and the port system (repositories);
  • Configuring system security;
  • Server monitoring: Zabbix, Cacti, Pandora, Munin, etc.;
  • Configuring backups;
  • Creating or editing system scripts; automating tasks;
  • Assistance in neutralizing DDoS attacks;
  • Assistance in setting up the VoIP telephony;
  • Configuring the firewall and server access security;
  • VPN deployment;

* Administration packages are used up according to the number of working hours or the number of requests. 1 request = 1 hour of work, even if the resolution time is less than one hour. **Requests regarding server hardware and network operation are handled free of charge.

Professional server administration

Экономим ваши ресурсы, чтобы вы полностью сфокусировались на развитии проекта

  • Timely installation of critical updates;
  • Prevention of incidents and a prompt response if necessary;
  • Backup and control;
  • Configuring the security policy in accordance with your instructions;
  • Professional advice on upgrades and other issues;
  • Installation and configuration of custom software can be agreed upon case-by-case;

*пакеты по администрированию расходуются по количеству часов работы, либо по количеству обращений. 1 обращение = 1 час работ, даже если время на решение вопроса заняло менее одного часа. **запросы, касающиеся аппаратной части сервера и работы сети, обрабатываются бесплатно.

Why do I need an administration service?

A server is a complex device, and no matter how technically refined the equipment is, it requires regular maintenance. Professional administration includes services for setting up and managing hardware and software, professional support from the provider's technicians, and advice on the customer's issues. The service allows you to avoid hiring a full-time specialist and saves you time and money to focus on project development. Remote administration involves a whole range of services – from software installation and configuration to solving specific issues and thorough project management.