Secured IT Infrastructure for projects of any scale


Secured IT Infrastructure for projects of any scale

ML Cloud has established Russian hosting for the whole globe

About Us

ML CLoud was founded by with the passion to create a hosting product that will be used worldwide. We are a young team of enthusiastic researchers and professionals. We develop in-house solutions giving priority to user needs rather than those of our business. We believe that the perfect product formula exists, and it is as simple as this: customer request + convenient solution at the best price for the customer. We follow this principle and intend to expand the range of our services as long as they are in demand. We are creating a company of which we are truly proud. We are eager to become the vanguard and set an example for others.

Company's Mission

Create a product of recognized quality

Our Principles


Commitment and courage:

we act, we don't wait


Creativity and innovation:

we encourage the creation and implementation of the latest innovations; we are investing in advanced solutions and best practices


Continuous development:

everyone in the Company is focused on personal growth to reach our shared goal: the development of the Company as a whole and the constant improvement of our products



we offer customers proprietary software and implement only proven global technical solutions


Transparency and availability:

there is no strict hierarchy in our Company: each employee is welcome to solve problems and discuss new ideas; we manage the entire value chain, making our product available to anyone around the world; we are proud to share our achievements with the world



we understand what we do and why and strive to be the best in our business. The customer has chosen us, so we are responsible for the product the customer will receive


Energy efficiency and optimization:

we save energy everywhere, create efficient, optimized systems, and manage risks to make the best decisions